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Posted by NICK AUYONG on 2013-03-10 15:31:42 in reply to Re: late evening and night time striper raids posted by jammin_salmin on 2013-03-08 11:28:14

HEY JAMMIN- Here's some info. that might help. When I fished the delta, which was quite a few years back when there seemed to be a lot more fish around, we would fish in the dark just outside the wall out of Sugar Barge on the incoming tide with larger black flies. As you probably know, a lot of knowledge can be acquired by observation. One cold, winter,foggy morning before light, we were motoring through the cut and noticed one of the SB workers anchored and just outside the wall fishing. We wouldn't have noticed him if not for the glowing heater he had in his skiff. I had talked to him several times where he had worked at the launch area and he had fished the delta all his life. On another occasion, I saw some guys really do well just inside the opening. I think they we using live bait, probably bluegills. A word to the wise- I wouldn't wander around the delta after dark . Landmarks seem to disappear and shadows make things difficult to stay on course.

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