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Posted by GES on 2013-03-10 13:15:52 in reply to Re: Pentax K5 w/ 18-55 and 50-200mm WR = dust + weather resistant posted by Serge on 2013-03-10 11:10:58

People expect to have sealed cameras; and at the same time they want instant rapid autofocus, and may be button zoom.

There are real underwater cameras with some useful zoom range and autofocus (I have a Panasonic one).

All the neveready cases I use for my good cameras, have built in rain hoods, that work in anything but a deluge; but even then, the water won't get into the camera inside.

And if I wanted to put my good cameras beneath the waves, I can buy totally water proof cases, that are designed to absolutely guarantee safety.

Pentax has always made good products as far as I can determine.

One reason that some digital camera manufacturers don't bother trying to make clean sharp lenses; specially good prime lenses; but go for the mega-zoom msrket, is that up till now they haven't had sensors that were better resolving, than their lenses, so they had to put anti-aliassing fuzzy filters on their camera sensors, in case their customers actually had some sharp lenses.

Nikon found with their D800 (36 Mpx), that the sensor can out resolve most of their lenses, so they took off the Anti-aliassing filter in the D800-E model, so users with sharp lenses, can fix the pictures in post processing, if they need to.

And with their DX 24 Mpx sensor, that resolves even better than the D-800 FX sensor, they found they can just leave the filter off altogether, which they have done n the new D7100.

Far as I know, the D3200, and D5200 both still have the AA filter, but probably don't need it either.

That sensor resolves 125 line pairs per mm, and I haven't seen a lot of lenses that can do that.

Nikon publishes MTF curves on most of their new series lenses, at 10 and 30 line pairs per mm, and a lot of those on their cheapo zooms are not awe inspiring.

But who cares if you are making 4 x 6 prints, or e-mailing a 300 k picture file.

That said, Nikon has also just announced at least one new lens, that might put those high res sensors to the test.

But those lenses are out of my budget range, by a long way; but it is nice to see them do it anyway.


PS good luck on getting Pentax warranty service if you dunk their camera, or the Tamron lens.

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