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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-03-10 12:53:29 in reply to 60 degree jig hooks for bonefish posted by Earl on 2013-03-10 11:14:13

"No one would ever use them" - Earl, I know at least one who would - me! I'd even tie them on the Targus (Fly Shop) hook. It actually holds up pretty well for salt water use. I've used them for crab and tarpon flies (Yucatan) without much of a problem.

Del Brown was tying all his Merkins on the jig hook the last few years of his life but I don't think he was tying smaller than a size 2, mostly larger.

I do agree that finding a good 60 degree jig hook in size 6 is hard - maybe impossible right now; but I sure wish someone would make them. I have the Targus in size 6 but it's not stainless or Cad. I'd just be sure to rinse and dry them well after use.

I tie all my shad flies on jig hooks now, by the way.

It just makes sense to use the 60 degree bend jig hook for bonefish and crab flies. Get some of the size 6 Fly Shop 5444 jig hooks and tie a few bonefish flies on them for your personal use. You needn't tie many to prove to yourself how well they work. Then we'll just have to get a hook maker to produce salt water versions.


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