Christmas Island for non fishing partners

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Posted by Andrew Martin on 2013-03-10 04:19:05

I have been off-line for a while and sat down this hot Australian evening to catch up on happenings on the board. I usually just read and learn, occasionally ask a question and sometimes post an occasional photo. I found some of the comments about Christmas Island in a February posting staggering.

In 2011 and 2012 I was lucky enough to spend a fortnight (each trip) on the island with a group of like minded Aussies. We stayed at Ikari House both times. The trips were both fantastic.

In late 2012 I bit the bullet and took my wife and our children (8 and 7) for a week. Michelle does not fish. During the course of the week we had some fantastic snorkelling, the children and Michelle got to swim with dolphins, we had a guided tour of Cook Island and were fabulously looked after by our hosts, boat drivers and guide Ray.

I also learned more about the island and it's people in a week with the family than I had in the previous 4. At all times we all felt completely safe.

We visited a primary school and the hospital where we met gentle, happy people making the most of their opportunities in life.

The children and I swam straight out the front of Ikari and just about everywhere else we felt like it.

The children loved the scenery, fish and shells on the wreck side of the island. The bird life is amazing.

In the afternoons the children played with the land and hermit crabs.

There is no shopping, no night life and you have to be gently assertive about what you want to do and when you want to do it.

Our family had a fantastic time, the children caught bonefish, I caught bonefish and we will do it again I hope.

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