Pentax K5 w/ 18-55 and 50-200mm WR = dust + weather resistant

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Posted by Serge on 2013-03-09 21:03:55

I picked one of this bundle from Adorama (w/ 3year warranty and 2 16GB SDHC cards). Great camera in par with Nikon and Canon but completely sealed from the elements with these lenses. These are good lenses, but not pro quality. There is also a 18-135mm lens that is WR.
The only problem with this camera seems to be some minor problems focusing in low light and on fast moving objects. It does not mean that you can be spot on though. The new K5II and K5IIs remedy the problem, but that is another $250 dollars. Note that the K5 is discontinued, the two aforementioned cameras are the replacement (still waiting for the K3 full frame fully sealed...).

If you want to shoot professional, get the Pentax DA* (*=star), they also are weather proof.

Adorama look for SKU: IPXK51855B MFR: 14762 B
or amazon:

You are welcome. :-)

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