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Posted by Wild Bill on 2013-03-09 14:45:51 in reply to Snobbery posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2013-03-07 08:04:20

At 82 I also think we should cut the guy some slack. I imagine Stu Apte said a bunch of other things that would have been more interesting to fly fishers. The author jumped on this hot button quote.

Having come to fly fishing after many years of conventional fishing, I never bought into all the rules of a fly fishing snob. My preference now is to fly fish, but I would miss out on some really great fishing if fishing was limited to the fly rod.

There are exceptions. Have no desire to fish for albies with anything but a fly rod. To me they are one of the great species for the fly rod. When I fish for them in the fall in NC, conventional rods stay at home. If it is too rough to catch them on the fly, it makes no sense to be out there. The other exceptions are trips where I travel to fish with a guide. Try to go where fly fishing is common and with guides who specialize in the sport.

Other trips in my boat are multi tackle. Even though a place like Montauk in the fall can be great fly fishing, it is not always so. If we were not willing to use plugging or jigging rods at times, some days would be without fish or nearly so. Having a big striper slam a surface popper is not bad.

I have no time for fly fishing snobs. Not sure I ever met one.

I remember back in the 90's when I hosted a well known fly fisher on my boat. The first spot we pulled up on was marking stripers in 16'. The DF was a Hummingbird that showed bait fish with black dots and bigger fish with red dots over black dots--primitive by today's standards. I had asked the fly fisher if he wanted to rig up his rods at the dock. He said no--thought that odd. I took a spinning rod and lowered a jig and caught a good fish. Ask him if he wanted a jigging rod, since he had no fly rods rigged. He said no and just sat there. I lowered the jig again and caught another nice striper. All of a sudden the fly fisher came to life. He opened a fly tube, quickly attached a reel with lead core, strung the line and tied on a 7" chartreuse and white Half and Half. He made a cast, let the line sink, stripped it twice and was hooked on to a very fat, bright 17 pounder. I am looking at a pic of that fish right now. It was used to advertise Boga Grips for years. The point is that some guys prefer to use only a fly rod and that in no way makes them a snob.

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