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Now I know there are anglers who like to set themselves challeneges; something to accomplish, for their own satisfaction. One example would be the late Del Brown, who enjoyed the pursuit of the Permit. But he also inspired others to "give it a shot", and taught many others how to succeed as well.

I enjoy the many challenges that fly casting and fly fishing present; but mostly I like to fish; and as my long time friend and Keys Captain Nat Ragland, liked to say; it's another way to fish.

One year I fished out of Marathon, a local tackle store had a new young employee from somewhere up the East coast; relatively new to the salt chuck. He was an avid trout angler, and he actually suggested to me, that purists only fish with floating lines and dry flies.

I told him:- "You know, if there's some fishy critter, that prefers to leap out of the water, and take its food out of the air, I know some crafty fly tyers who can design a fly that will stay in the air , so we can catch those suckers where they like to feed !"

Yes pursuit of excellence along with our recreation is not a sin, but the bottom line is to rack up more angling time, since that doesn't count against our time quota.


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