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Posted by Grant on 2013-03-09 12:18:27 in reply to Re: Snobbery posted by GES on 2013-03-08 09:47:17

I think you nailed it. There are definitely people who "fly fish" for whom snobbery is an art form. Saltwater angling tends to have fewer of this kind, but there are nonetheless many like you describe. We have all heard at least once, I am sure, someone saying "that's not fly fishing" as though we should at all be concerned about that.

I agree with the guys that say who cares, too. I fish for my pleasure not anyone else's. People still find it somehow important in their limited time on this planet to sometimes question how each of us chooses to pursue the sport of angling, though, and over the years I have just come to feel very sorry for them and the fact they are not engaged in something more important.

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