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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-07 14:15:18 in reply to 11wt Fly Rod posted by Howard Brown on 2013-03-07 08:44:10


I use an 11wt Xi3 blank for Tarpon in lower Keys. Last fish of last year 70-80lb class on the flat off Calda channel, Key West...went deep in Calda worked it up once then popped off before the Bulls arrived. It was plenty of rod and it will be my primary rod this year. My others 11 and 12 are RPLXs and those are hard on me shoulder. I think for 11 and 12 Tarpon rods it's a personal preference. If you uplined enough with sufficient arm strength one could probably cast a graphite push pole. What works for you and how much do you want to spend...if on a budget 250-400 for a rod, my personal preference would be used or discontinued Sage, Loomis, Scott, Orvis, where available in 11. An 11 wt is somewhat like a 16 bore shotgun. If you could find a good/excellent condition used salt 11 in any one of those brands for 250.00...that's what I would get. And with the modern array of quality flylines and head taper and grain weights...there is a line and weight out there that would make any of those 11wts work for you in a Tarpon situation.

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