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Posted by bhorsley on 2013-03-07 09:24:53 in reply to 11wt Fly Rod posted by Howard Brown on 2013-03-07 08:44:10

i have several of both. I fished the 11wt one last spring hard for roosters. A great rod--plenty of power and will reach out in touch. With that said it is not as user friendly as the other ONES to me. You have to pay attention to the cast but it is a great casting rod. Have not caught tarpon on it but multiple roosters to 40+ and would not hesitate to tarpon fish with it. I thought it fished better with a 10 wt Rio Outbound Tropical --but that is me.

The XI3 11 is a fun rod to fish --it feels a touch slower than the ONE 11 . You can fish a Rio Tropical Outbound 11 wt with no worries.

You can not go wrong with either rod--both are fabulous sticks.

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