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Posted by Carl Blackledge on 2013-03-06 19:01:27 in reply to Best Tarpon Line posted by Earl on 2013-03-06 10:31:20


The very best line you can have is the one that fits your casting stroke, taking into consideration the environment you'll be in, and if you'll be attempting long casts or short casts. When I used to fish for the silver kings we would see the fish coming a long way off and we could cast the whole line out in front of the fish. Trying to cast 20-25 feet with a 15-foot leader as you mentioned isn't impossible, but it is very difficult.
When I was in your shoes, I bought an SA Tarpon line, and cut 10 feet off the tip, then I hooked a Monic clear floating tip to that. Now I could use a short (8-10 foot) leader which allowed me to make very short casts, and I could still unload the whole line when I had too. My guide didn't like it at first, but after I cast over a few tarpon (lined) and they didn't explode on us, he started to smile more.
In my experience, you can't have everything when picking a tarpon line, but this line came close to performing perfectly on the water. I hope some of my chatter opened your eyes to more things to think about, and hopefully didn't confuse you more. :-)
Just my 2 cents.
Carl Blackledge

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