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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-06 10:19:14 in reply to Re: Crazy charlie origin posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-03-05 22:27:11


I expressed my opinion based upon many conversations with Charlie while in his skiff. You have based your opinion upon what was told to you by an obvious friend who said he he did it. Neither one of us was there that fateful evening when the Charlie was invented. Could it have been a collaboration? After all many science Nobels are awarded to multiple investigators.
My opinion is not clouded or influenced by Charlie's notorious, lodge management skills which were as legendary as his guiding skills. As your friend Bob was co-founder of FI sport travel in 1974, I imagine he shared with you his suffering when Charlie flaked on some of his groups which perhaps has influenced your rather negative opinion of Charlie. Have you fished with Charlie during the 80ies or 90ies and/or been victim of his disappearing act with no food in the Haven... no fuel for the generators. During the 80-90ies, staying at the Haven with Charlie in residence was always problematic. After my first two trips to Andros, my first question after clearing Andros cust/immig Charlie on the island? The answer dictated what next.
There was an remarkable incident and I wonder if FI booked was a group or 8 or 9 from Chicago...the leader thereof was the mogol/heir to a famous Chicago Department store . Me, Mike, and Ron arrive on the doorstep of the Haven to be greeted by the group with an expression of leprosy. Benry Smith was in the doorway and said Charlie was off the Island.
"Well there is always someone who has to stand on the wrong side... In this case, you're one of them." I shall stand with the Bahamian Charlie Smith and you stand with your ..." outlaw especially of Mexican extraction or origin" (Webster "Bandito").

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