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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-03-06 09:08:51 in reply to Tying Unweighted Charlies. posted by Jon Makim on 2013-03-06 05:06:34

Jon -- They are about as simple a pattern as you could imagine. I always called them "Blind Charlies" (because they don't have eyes), and they are basically just a very simple bendback style pattern, but with no kink added to the hook shank. Basically, and especially on these smaller hooks, if you tie materials on the point side of the fly (i.e., upside down), the density of the wing is usually enough to get the hook to ride point up. The body can be anything -- chenille, tinsel, dubbing, etc. -- and there are lots of options for the wing material. Though it's a little "old school," I like regular old calf tail for the wing, because it's a tiny bit bouyant and flips the fly well. Fox fur, craft fur and PolaFibre are other options, and you can through in rubber legs, a few saddle hackle tips or whatever. They are very useful patterns to have for very shallow water, because they land quietly, and are good for tailers in under a foot of water. If you're going to fish them in turtle grass (very common in Belize and parts of Mexico) or in coral, some people also like to put on a mono "V" weedguard. Blind Charlies are usually on the smaller side, #4-6 or even 8. But really, it's just a body and wing tied in just behind the hook eye on the bottom of the shank, veiling and surrounding the hook point. Hope that helps.

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