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Posted by Greg Mau on 2013-03-06 02:46:56

Hanging in Turangi at Casa DeNolfo. Rooming in the shed that Zane Grey is reported to have slept in. Fishin' with none other than "Louie the Fish".
Monday was fishing out of pontoon at Lake Otamangakau. Louie showed me the Lake "O" ropes which went a long way towards helping to make up for my limited lake experience.
Tuesday was at a back country river which reminded me a lot of the Yuba above Highway 20. The fish are similarly steroid boosted but larger and hotter on the average. My new Beulah 6wt Guide Model performed well with the Airflo line (thanks California Fly Shop!). I've changed my mind in regards to the necessity of a low stretch floating line. The low stretch helps in energy transfer during the cast and bite detection (and hook set) is awesome in tight line presentations.
We fished back country again today. Fishing was tough but I managed a few fish two of which were VERY nice (one an absolute PIG!) on my CPX 5wt Switch Rod. I could use more time at it, but the Beulah Elixer casts well.

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