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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-05 18:26:17 in reply to Crazy charlie origin posted by Mike Racca on 2013-03-05 09:11:08

Here is my recollection of a long time past; late spring of 1985 my first trip to Andros. First time I fished with a very young cousin of Rupert not so good for fly but I did catch a 40-50 Tarpon on spin. I was staying at Small Hope Bay...then Timer Coakley was doing Freshcreek mostly spin/crab. I asked him for best rec fly guide Bights...he said Charlie Smith...he called him and I cab rided to Behring Point...Charlie's Haven...Charlie had just finished feeding his guests and they were off...Off we went...what should I use ...he handed me a white chicken feather with white hair( I don't know what it's called you tiers do) fly with a small pull chain bead for the eyes... he said Charlie. While me memory is clouded by age and other things as those that Rosa embraces...this first meeting he said Charlie no adjective modifiers. The next season when I fished Charlie..he produced a variation which he called
Nasty Charlie the difference was in the size of the bead chain eye it was the largest...he said it was to deep fish for big bones...subsequently the big white clousers with lead eyes replaced Nasties for deep water big bones see for example his son Andy's fly in "In Search of a Rising Tide"
I shall stand with Bonefish Charlie as the originator of the Charlie..notwithstanding the Bonefish's flights of hustle and hyperbole...he was good that is if one is result oriented. huw you weren't on Pot Key(not Shad that's Andy's place) when Prescott, Andy and I showed up and I offered you some single malt in front of your cabin on Pot and you said no thanks...The Bonefish never declines Scotch...and he is the last man standing of the old guides...Ivan, Rudy, Errold

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