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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-03-05 12:40:23 in reply to Crazy charlie origin posted by Mike Racca on 2013-03-05 09:11:08

Mike (everyone),

Charlie Smith Did Not originate the Crazy Charlie. His claiming he did is simply not true. I got the story from Bob (AKA The Old Bandito) and a couple of his new flies two or three days after his return from his trip fishing with Charlie Smith. Here's the story he told me and Lefty and others:

Charlie Smith was poling Bob one day on Andros and the fish refused repeatedly his offerings. Bob noticed the bones were chasing tiny minnows that were sheeting out of the water. That night at Charlie’s Haven he used a conventional West Coast shad fly concept tying on small bead chain eyes, a small amount of mylar tinsel tail/body and two white wing feathers over the hook point hoping to imitate the tiny baitfish.

The next day he caught several large bonefish, one after the other and Charlie kept saying, “That fly NASTY!.” Bob decided to call it the Nasty Charlie. Later, upon returning home to California, Bob shared the information with a number of fly fishing friends and called me and Lefty. He also gave several to a friend involved with a fly company. That company began producing the pattern and perhaps they misunderstood or forgot the name Bob had given his fly, renaming it the Crazy Charlie.

I have no doubt Bob was telling the truth and that he was the one who originated the Crazy (Nasty) Charlie.


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