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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-03-04 21:56:34 in reply to Re: Sage XI3 9' 10wt for tarpon? posted by Jim Williams on 2013-03-04 14:06:42


First let me say that today's 10 weight rods are not the 10s of even a decade ago. They are tougher, stiffer and an angler who knows how to apply the pressure can get the job done with a modern 10.

I've fought lots of tarpon over a 100 pounds and I've landed many century-plus fish over the years. Some were very tough, some were not. Hell, I've had 60- to 80-pounders kick my ass (almost) and 120-pounders give up in less than 10 minutes. Each fish is a different critter just like people.

I always used an 11 or 12 rod when fishing the keys so I could put as much heat on those fish as I could with a 20-lb IGFA class leader; and as you know, you can really lean on 20-pound.

I always preferred the down & dirty method of fish-fighting using the angles with some bent rod, mostly the butt section of course. I mean I really leaned into the butt. I didn't like the Apte method of pointing the rod nearly straight at a fish and locking up the reel with my palm and pulling straight back with a non-flexed rod - even taken backward steps - almost straight-lining the fish. This techniques works and you could probably land a 100-pounder with an 8 weight using it. It works damned well, no doubt but it's just another way to do it.

That said, I've landed a number of big fish on a 10 but I can recall my guide, Captain Ray Fecher, moaning when I picked up a 10 because he knew it was going to take me longer to get the job done. I simply couldn't put as much heat on the fish as I could with the 11 or 12.

Now, if the water was glass, not a breath stirring and the fish "wormy", I'd go to the 10 and a lighter line for obvious reasons.

Personally, I'd still go gunning for big tarpon with a heavier stick, up-lined enough to load it quickly for both the sort and long tosses, the majority of the time.

Each to his or her own.


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