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Posted by Huw Llewellyn on 2013-03-04 14:48:36

Last year I fished the Yelcho river and Lake with Puma Flyfishing and had a very good time catching large trout on both dry and wet flies. Whilst I was there I noticed some large salmon in the river and was told that the run of Chinook began about the end of February, so I planned to return in time for the big kings.
I am a novice spey caster and was going to use this time to improve and hopefully get some salmon. The salmon were there, mostly in the 25- 30lb class with some very much bigger. Even with my limited ability I hooked about 10 in three days, most were bright fish fresh in from the ocean although the first fish I caught was about 40lb and was starting to get coloured .
I had tied some Squidro flies which worked well, the colours did not seem to matter much.
One fish will always stick in my memory, I had a hit and shouted to the guide that I had a fish, but I thought I was mistaken and had snagged the bottom. I tried for about 30 seconds to retrieve my fly but I could not budge it, then I felt a throb and thought I must be hooked on a branch of a sunken log, a few more attempts to free the fly resulted in the line moving off into the fast water. I did indeed have a fish, a huge salmon , which we chased with the boat. I played it for quite a while and was getting it into shallow water when the hook pulled, I will always remember that fish.

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