Re: Sage XI3 9' 10wt for tarpon?

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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-03-04 06:55:53 in reply to Sage XI3 9' 10wt for tarpon? posted by Serge on 2013-03-03 19:51:00

S: I fished an 8 and 11 Xi3 blank last year(also TCX 10 blank) I tried Wulff Bermuda Short at stated weight on 8 and 11 and 11 on the 10 TCX. It's a 30 foot head however don't know if they are stated weight or uplined plus two like RIO OTB Tropical Wulf does not appear to disclose actual grain weight as does RIO. But the Wulff 11 Bermuda Short on the 11 worked in light wind 5-10 kts and the 11 Short really worked on the 10TCX in Permit wind 15-20 kts not as heavy as 10 RIO OTB Short(up 2 a 12 grain weight)so my anecdotal conclusion is while both have 30 foot heads the Wulff is not up 2. My suggestion for line would be experiment with the short head (30 feet) tropical floaters.

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