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Posted by Ben L. on 2013-02-27 19:46:20 in reply to Re: New Nikon DX SLR Camera posted by GES on 2013-02-26 03:02:07

It's pretty widely known that the Dxxxx series are "pro-sumer" which is positioned a step below their semi-pro series Dxxx. Here are some quotes around the web:

Nikon has introduced a new addition to its prosumer line of DSLRs, the last camera to be upgraded following the introduction of the D3200 and D5200.

and their semi-pro lineup:
The D300 is the third-generation product of Nikon's successful semi-pro series which started off with the D100 back in early 2002. The D100 was a very long-lived model, and wasn't superseded until the launch of the D200 in late 2005.
and finally:
Nikon describes the D7100 as being the best that DX can offer, although it's important to note this is not the long-awaited semi-pro replacement for the D300s. To be fair, the specification is now beyond that of the D300s, but the D7000 is firmly in the enthusiast rather than semi-pro category.

The big thing that does slots in the d7100 as an enthusiast and not pro or semi-pro level body is lack of weatherproofing which the d3/d4 and d100/200/300 series have as well as the d700/d800. I've had saltwater splash around my d300 that horrified my friends with d3xxx/d5xxx/d7xxx cameras but in four years of hard use their is no rust or corrosion apparent on my camera despite some severe splashes on it.

I would not go smaller than DX either but personally I plan to go bigger. I've seen the IQ of my friends D700 and 5DMK2 and 5DMK3s and it's readily apparent next to my current SLR which cameras shoot better...

In the end buy what you like and what you can afford. If I were going to buy a DX I'd either wait for the d300 replacement but the 7100 is certainly a great camera capable of superb images - it's like fly gear, we are awash in superb equipment available at a great range of prices. I'd never have imagined as nice a camera as the d7100 at such a low price.

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