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Posted by Bob Carbonara on 2013-02-26 15:47:11 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 14:27:48


When did your trip take place? I fished LA on Friday, Feb 15th and Saturday, Feb 16th 2013. Friday was my single best day ever fishing the "Marsh".. Saturday was blowing 20-30mph and we threw in the towel at noon.

My thoughts...

1) The fishing is very dependent on the weather and to have two nice days in a row is incredible..

2) Dirty water is your enemy! You are spot-on about the fish. You have to drop the fly in the zone or it will be ignored..

3) I always ask the Captain to bring a spinner on the boat in case dirty water prevents any type of fly fishing. I'm hardcore fly, but will not ruin a trip because I wouldn't adapt to the conditions.

4) Don't rent a car. You could have stayed in the French Quarter and had Dini pick you up in the mornings. This would have been cheaper than staying at Motel 8 with the car.

5) Stay in the French Quarter. Good food and good times.. We stayed at Hotel Monteleone and ate at Acme, Jacques Imo's and Brennan's Steak House and all except for Jacques was within walking distance.

We fished with Greg Dini and I consider him and Gregg Arnold the Captains to beat in the Marsh.

Anyhow, we caught between 30-35 reds on Friday from 12lb to 28lbs and had 4 or 5 double hookups and 2 triples (It was so good, we let Dini take a few shots)..

Saturday, we caught 6 reds up to 12lbs and called it a day around noon.

All in all a great trip and good times.

I'd be happy to discuss our trip in more detail over the phone, if you'll email me your phone number.. I'm sworn to secrecy on the exact location where fished, but I'm free to discuss anything else.

Thank you,


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