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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2013-02-26 14:23:56 in reply to Green River, Utah posted by Bob on 2013-02-24 04:35:08

I'm a little surprised you haven't received more suggestions. I held off because it's been 7 or 8 years since I last fished there. But I've always stayed at either the Flaming Gorge Lodge (they have several options with different prices so check on the various choices) and up at Red Canyon Lodge. Personally I enjy the little cabins up at Red Canyon Lodge but they're farther from the dam and if you're driving down there while it's still dark be very careful because the large elk herd will often be on or crossing the road somewhere along the way. If you camp there is a nice camp ground along the road down to Little Hole.

Dining choices were pretty much the same as lodging - Flaming Gorge or Red Canyon. Again, I personally like the Red Canyon because there was a lady there who made fresh pie every day and there's nothing I like better after a long day on the river than a hot slice of cherry pie with ice cream. I used t ask them to hold me a slice because I would often fish until dark. Flaming Gorge had pie too, just not home made. Both have good food that sticks to yur ribs.

I only took a guide when I did the C Section because you need a boat and it's a loong shuttle. My favorite guide is a guy name Pat Nichols, aka "The Predator". Pat is a teacher up in Rock Springs and may or may not be down there in October (for all I know he may not be guiding any more). The good folks at Trout Creek Flies in Dutch John were always honest, straight shooters (this is Denny Breer's old shop and Denny was the fixture on that river fr years). I see they even offer lodging now so that's something to look into too.

The A Section is always the most crowded but it also has the easiest access. Walking anglers can walk a nice trail along the north side for the entire 7 miles. If they aren't running alot of water there are several places you can cross the river. But watch for rising water or you can get trapped on the south side and in Octber that could be a long, cold, uncomfortable night. There are lots of fish in the A Section and the site fishing is excellent but you just have to go in there with the right frame of mind and be prepared for company and floaters coming thrugh your water. The B and C Sections pretty much require a boat although there are a few places you can hike to on the B Section. I think there are larger fish in both these sections (in general) but fewer of them. My personal favorite time and section is June during the cicada hatch or right after and float the C Section. You have the chance at very large browns on huge dry flies. In October you should still have some great caddis activity, plus the usual mix of small baetis, midges, and scuds. But I'd check with the folks at Trout Creek for the latest bug activity. I'd also try to bring some of the flies they recommend because often the local shops are sold out of the current hot flies. Or be prepared to tie your own. The guides will usually have a few stashed away if you take a guide. Hope this is helpful.

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