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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-02-25 14:20:28 in reply to Show Report posted by Bennett Mintz on 2013-02-23 16:55:30


Someone can always find something to complain about; but I'm taking the high road...

For me personally it was a great show. I had a blast as usually visiting and catching up with old friends and making new ones.

My programs - San Luis on the Fly and Fly Fishing the California Delta, were well-attended on Saturday and satisfyingly attended on opening and near closing hours on Sunday. Those that attended were very focused and expressed pleasure and gratitude with the presentations. It's always fun to work with a very interested and focused group, many of whom were seeing my shows for the first time.

Attendance to my fly-tying presentation in the Fly Tying Theater were very low both days. I guess folks know how to tie my standard FT Whistler and FT Clouser by now. Next year I'll show them something different. That said, this doesn't bother me at all; I just had those there pull up closer and we had a great time talking tying and fishing techniques. The time spent with those folks was a huge pleasure for me.

I talked to just about all my sponsors and many other vendors and almost all of them were pleased with the show and with how upbeat people seemed to be. I know a lot of sales were made at the show and many more will be made down the road. There seemed to be more positive energy flowing through the halls this year than last.

Hal Janssen got finger cramps signing books and a sore back hauling more into his booth from the van when he needed replacements. I was thrilled to see so many folks picking up a copy of his wonderful, new book, Stillwater Fly-Fishing.

Ray Hutcherson, of Sea Level FlyFishing just about sold out of his new "Bucket Shooter", his version of the Mangrove "Hip Shooter" no longer being produced. He even moved a few of his foam stripping buckets, which I was pleased to see, since I so highly endorse the use of a VLMD for boat fly-fishing. I'm sure other retail vendors where doing well too.

Captain Mike Costello was kept busy signing his new children's book - "Where a Trout Calls Home". I've only read a few pages and I was grinning after scanning a few graphs. I'm going to finish it soon since it's not a big book; and it shouldn't be for a "kids" book. It is beautifully illustrated by Wayman Lee. Pick up a copy not only for your kids and grandkids, but for yourself as well. I think you'll enjoy reading it too.

On another note: I really enjoyed and was honored to attend the NCCFFF Hall of Fame Inductees reunion. The food and drink was wonderful; and Seth Norman was fantastic as the MC - he had us both tearing up and busting a gut. He's the best!

Anyhow, to me the show was outstanding and I'm already looking forward to next year's event.

Thanks for all the support folks gave me; and speaking for the show - thanks to those who attended.


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