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When I finally decided to go the digital SLR route, I also decided I was not going to go full frame format, no matter what. Over 40 years ago, Olympus had their half frame Pen F film camera which was way ahead of its time, and demonstrated the advantages of a smaller format (and disadvantages). Lighter weight better and cheaper lenses, and so on.

That's one reason I chose Nikon over Canon.

I gave the D800 a lot of thought when it came out; but they did some screwy things with it; like two totally different memory cards. They told me a lot of pros had Compact Flash cards already, so wanted to use them. Wow; They will change all their lenses to newer computer lenses, but want to re-use their shoebox size memory cards.

So I decided to stay with the Nikon DX format. The D7000 lets me use all my lenses and my Questar Telescope; the D3100 or D3200, don't let you do through the lens light metering, unless you have their computer lenses. The D7100 with 24 Mpx is less noisy than the D3100 with 14 Mpx, so that's a no brainer.

What they need to do now with SLRs, is get rid of the mirror.

It is pretty silly to look at an LCD display (live view), and the have to block it with a mirror, while you measure the light, and then raise the mirror again and open the shutter in time to record the last of the splash, when the tarpon fell back in the water.

My Panasonic P&S doesn't need a mirror to capture jumping fish.


With 24Mpx and a DX sensor (and lenses) you can crop even better.

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