Delta report - DFW research vessel!

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Posted by Bill Martin on 2013-02-24 08:57:56

Got quizzed by a couple DFWers yesterday 2/23. I was sitting on the levee wall with my kayak pulled out of the water, eating a sandwich, when they spotted me & stopped to see how I'd been doing. I'd landed 1 ~18" striper & two bass - one over 3 lbs - so I actually had something to report. Turns out they were more interested in the striper - where I got it, when, how big, how caught, etc. Their PB had "DFG Research Vessel" painted on the side.

Pretty windy day, and those 3 fish were all I got.

I've been quizzed a couple times when out in Carmel Bay, but never in the Delta.

Something new? Or have others seen this before?

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