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Posted by Bill Siler on 2013-02-23 22:12:05 in reply to Re: I wasn't in Venice.. posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 19:50:37

Peter, My 1st NOLO trip was at Thankgiving where me and my 17 year old son fished with Capt. Dini for 4 days. We let him know that the majority of our fly experience was flinging clousers with sinking lines, and this was our 1st attempt at sight casting. We had pretty good wind for three days but we got our shots. Greg said for some reason the fish had lock jaw. The last day the wind laid down and the fish got hungry. Overall we had a great time, landing several big fish. My son boated a #28 and a #29. The last day we broke off or unbuttoned several over 30 lbs. Greg obviously new his stuff. The issue was us being a couple rookies, in the wind with admitted "buck fever", we blew many shots. With each miscue Greg would become more visibly frustrated. I said several times that we were having a great time, and the fact we missing a few didn't matter. That didn't help the situation. At times I felt like I was with my high school football coach during hell week. When I return I will have a much better idea on what is required, but I will choose a guide who is not quite as demanding, or critical of my abilities (or lack of!!).

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