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Posted by Serge on 2013-02-23 14:17:45 in reply to Re: Lehr propane powered outboard posted by John L on 2013-02-23 10:21:54

I have run it but I have nothing to compare it with. Truth is that propane has less BTU than gasoline. The octane is 110, and it burns really clean.
I own already a weedeater from Lehr and I never changed the oil, never changed the spark plugs and it starts all the time. no gum up and propane does not spoil. This is ideal if you are using a motor seasonally.

The noise level is higher than a regular motor but when you are moving, it is not noticeable.

Recently, Cpt Bernardo Herzer ran a little boat from Cali to Catalina island and burned 2 pounds of propane with the 9.9HP. The HP has a small internal battery that recharges when the motor is running and that starts the motor (you can still start it manually with the pull cord).

here is a video of Bernardo's trip to the Catalinas:


PS. with a 20 pound tank and at 3000 rpm, I can run my HP for close to a day.

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