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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 22:09:41 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Jim Williams on 2013-02-22 21:13:35

We arrived there 4 days ago, tuesday, a week after Mardi Gras ended. The original round trip flights and car rental were NOT excessive. For the airfare it was the $100 re-booking penalty PLUS the cost of next day (or two or three....they kept getting MORE expensive from thurs to fri to sat flight OUT of there that were much as $1200 each. For the rental car, booked through Priceline, that is a pre-paid deal. NO CANCELLATIONS....NO REFUNDS! That means $320 for 3 days used out of 7 days paid for. Hertz is happily renting our car now...while I am still paying for it. I will initiate a fight with Priceline tomorrow....but their written policy is clear.

Those kinds of inflexible cancellation and rebooking penalties are relatively new to the travel scene and could/will be encountered wherever you might travel in the US unless one is very careful in the original booking. And with rental cars that might mean paying more in order to preserve a flexible cancellation option.


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