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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 19:50:37 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Ron Begnaud on 2013-02-22 18:00:08

Thanks for the info. Very interesting. However, why is everyone assuming I was fishing in Venice? Actually, according to my guide, in the winter the better fishing due to clear-er water this time of year shifts to the more northerly outer marshes away from the MS river outflow. We launched at Hopedale and he WAS concentrating on trying to find lee ponds and potholes with minimal exchange and wind effect, and he did find a rare, clear-er water spot and he did put us on fish. Probably the longest distance sighting was maybe 10 feet in front of the boat, most much less than that. Not that it bothered those fish in the slightest. The one fish caught was sighted about 5 feet from the boat and took at half that by the time the fly got there, sank, and was twitched as the boat's momentum continued.

We spent 3-4 hours blindcasting to windward banks without the slightest indication there were fish there.

Hey, we didn't quit and bail because we couldn't hack it. The forcasts for day 2 were 25-35 with gusts to 40 and thunderstorms. And, according to the guide, that would blow all visibility for several more days even if it were calm...which was not forcast, and day 5 was scheduled for another front. It was only after getting repeated predictions of futility due to the weather and dis-interest in any other suggested possibilities that we reluctantly decided to split and try and minmize our losses.

I am smart enough NOT to argue with or ignore the recommendations or predictions of our guide. He was highly recommended, is hotly booked, was appropriately engaged and not, in my opinion, suffering from PMS.

I am not painting anything on anything other than, seems to me, that fishery is very weather pattern dependent and therefore iffy-er for long distance travel and committment this time of year. There has been little disagreement with that among the experienced responses here, your aside.

My points were/are: This fabulous fishery is pretty iffy this time of year for very long distance, expensive travel and committment...and that cancellation and re-booking expenses among airlines and rental cars has gotten VERY expensive which further ups the ante and risk.

I have already re-booked in late Oct. and will probably drag my boat from FL for additional days on our own.

I may be bloodied but am still juiced. I saw the potential.

Peter Patricelli

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