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Posted by Ron Begnaud on 2013-02-22 18:00:08 in reply to New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 08:34:41

Peter, sorry to hear you had a bad trip. Bear with my while I quote you

"I go to Miami, where I keep a flats boat, for 3-4 weeks every feb-mar...dintinctly the WORST time of the year wind-and-weather-wise...and still find more than enough fishing to keep me happy.

LA delta is somewhat different.....that was my message."

Writing off the whole Delta because of what happened in Venice would be incredibly short sighted. I have to say that wind turbitiy seldom keeps me from catching fish. If the water in the main bays is dirty I head into backwaters looking for very small ponds that won't muddy up in the wind. Preferably ponds with only one cut or channel feeding them. Cloud cover is actually more discouraging to me. On your drive from New Orleans to Venice, you passed through an immense area of fishable marsh, much of it with many small ponds and pockets as I described above. I don't know Venice propper very well because I don't ever see the point of driving past all the other great areas that are closer to fish it, so that may well not be in the play book for Venice, but Venice is hardly representative of the entire Delta. Venice and Hopedale get most of the attention in South Louisiana, but there are many other area's that offer fishing every bit as good, that just don't get the press, in some cases because there aren't even any "Fly Fishing" guides focusing on the area. These are the area's I'm more prone to fish.

Often in cold weather the redfish will concentrate, even in shallow water. 2 very distinct trips I can think of were on cold blustery days with muddy water and no visibility. One when I was still guiding. I was poling my client around as he blind cast a shallow pond. When he hooked up I immediately staked out the boat and let him continue to fish. By days end over 40 redfish were brought to the boat without ever moving it, all blind casting in muddy water about 16 inches deep.

That being said, coming in fall would certainly increase your chances. Actually the fishing is pretty awesome in the spring too, just without as much of a likelyhood of finding the giants. Better luck next time.

Edit: I was about to hit the post button when My phone rang, it was a buddy with a fishing report from Venice .. yesterday. I won't tell you the number of fish boated because you'll think I'm lying, but it puts the 40 fish trip I described above to shame.... you know the old saying.."you should have been here yesterday"

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