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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2013-02-22 16:12:55 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-02-22 14:36:49

I went prepared to do that, had fast sinking lines, etc. We had an interesting discussion with Capt. Dini, who I really liked, to the concept that he had NO IDEA how anyone might fly fish greater than 6 foot depth. Beyond that was, so to speak, out of his "depth", if not experience.

I really presented him with 5-6 alternatives and he wouldn't go for any of them. My FP just weighed in with the opine that Dini really didn't want any more of the cold weather....which I agree with. I think he was somewhat disappointed to find out we really could cast in that wind....which lengthened our day out from 1 hour to 6 until it was obvious that blind casting the shoreline, at least, was not going to translate into a blind hookup.

Yes, I agree, with that many fish around, not just redfish, there always has to be SOMETHING. But in this case, one could not do it without a boat...which meant a cooperative, if chilled, guide.

The other point of my post was that I think the current airline and rental car fare climate has seriously upped the pain factor for a blown trip. The cost of extracting oneself from a blown out situation is way worse than it has ever been....reason to think through all of ones options more carefully than before.

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