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Posted by Jim Williams on 2013-02-22 13:18:31 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2013-02-22 12:42:14

On the other hand: I fished that area in early December a few years ago and our guide said that we'd be better off coming in January or February as that is the time (the coldest water temps of the year) when the BIGGEST fish are on the flats. Sure, it's weather dependent and he was upfront about that, but fishing in October when the water temps are still quite warm means catching fish not much larger than what you'd get in Florida Bay. My fishing partner on that trip has gone back the last three years during that time frame (late January/early February) and though they've lost some time due to the weather, he finally caught his first 30# red this year. He and a different fishing buddy of ours caught numerous large reds (20#+) and several very large black drum during that week. It's all a matter of perspective. The Bahamas are more fun to fish in late April and into May (if you can tolerate the doctor flies) but fishing around here is pretty good at that time as well. And the biggest bones are on the flats during the cooler temps in January. Doing the reds in January/February is a crapshoot, but it beats sitting around all winter doing nothing, which is my situation this year.

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