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Posted by joel n rosenthal on 2013-02-22 11:40:43 in reply to Re: New Orleans redfish - a bust posted by ChuckLaughridge on 2013-02-22 10:36:10

Geez, Chuck, give poor Peter a break.His cautionary tale and self flagellation-which he was not compelled to post here--more than sufficiently convey the obvious lessons that you've articulated.If this were the NHL you'd be penalized for boarding-or maybe in the NFL for piling on-or some such. :) Considering that Peter had asked me, many months ago, if I was interested in this trip, and I declined, I am appreciative of his forthright admission of the snafus that occurred-and happy to have dodged this bullet..I will, however, guarantee him PERFECT weather(not fish, just weather) when he's here in South Florida next month.

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