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Posted by Ted Shuck on 2013-02-21 12:29:32 in reply to Re: Christmas Island-The Villages posted by Glenn on 2013-02-21 12:14:49

There is an area on the southeast side of the lagoon where ponds have been formed to farm milkfish. One day, our group went down that way, but I fished more to the outside. One member of my group caught a large, 60 pound, GT where the GTs gathered waiting for small milkfish to escape from the ponds. One of the guides had caught a small milkfish and hooked it on his 6/0 fly hook. He chucked it out among the waiting GTs and hooked up immediately. To my knowledge, this was the only large GT hooked by our group of 5.

I caught about 10 smaller (10-15 pound) GTs one day at a cut in the reef on the bay at the ocean side of Cook Island. These were a lot of fun on 8 and 10 wt rods. I saw several other GTs while fishing the flats for bonefish, but they were usually moving so fast that they were gone by the time I got the 10wt from the guide.


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