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Posted by Clark Harrison on 2013-02-20 22:35:54

We stayed at The Villages recently and I thought it was very well run. It's just outside of London and about 30 minutes from the airport. The transfer was done smoothly and we paid our $50 for a fishing license as we went through customs at the airport.
The Villages is on the lagoon side so it's a short walk to the boat in the morning to go fishing. Rides across the lagoon were anywhere from 30-60 min to get to the flats but the ride was comfortable. The outrigger/outboard setup doesn't beat you up in choppy water like a flats skiff or panga.
The cottages were clean and basic. There was AC but it was never really hot during our stay. There's a fridge stocked with soda and beer and they add it to your tab as they restock it. The bar had tonic and I love a refreshing gin and tonic at the end of a fishing day.
Breakfast was at 615. The coffee was very good and eggs were cooked to order. You make a sandwich from the sandwich bar for lunch. We had spam and cheese or PB and jelly. Late in the week they made some tuna fish salad which was really good and I'd request it earlier in the week when I go back.
They serve some snacks and sashimi at 6pm and dinner is at 7pm. Dinner was basic fish and rice but adequate. We did have lobster on 2 nights.
We generally left the lodge in the boats at 7am and got back around 5 to 6 pm so it was a long day on the flats and you get your fill of casting to bonefish and trevally.
After dinner I spent some time in my book and I was done for the day.
I stayed at the Captain Cook Hotel in 1998. It's on the oceanside beach so I'd have to say the ambiance is a little nicer than lagoon side, but it was nice at The Villages not to have to take a 30-40 min truck ride to London to catch the boat as was the situation when I was at Captain Cook. I met some guys on the plane who stayed at Captain Cook. They said the food and the fishing were excellent and they were happy with their trip.
At The Villages you can let them know if you want to target trevally in which case they'll target the higher tides and you walk the deeper edges of the flats looking for big fish. You can also do bluewater fishing and 2 of the guys in our group went out several days and got some tuna, wahoo, and release a couple of really big trevally.
I bonefished 6 days and had great fishing and almost daily shots at GT's. I caught small GT's and bluefin trevally on a daily basis on bonefish flies.
I'll provide some details about the fishing in my next post.
If you like to bonefish and you haven't been, or if your thinking you'd like to do a bonefishing trip, Christmas Island should be on the top of your list.

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