Re: Gonna talk or ya gonna fish?

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Posted by ray hafsten on 2013-02-20 20:35:07 in reply to Gonna talk or ya gonna fish? posted by Michael Rosa on 2013-02-20 06:56:57

There you go again was an intertube and they were subsistence. What's wrong with stayin alive. Now I've forked carp...tried to telephone fish but nobody told me you need to do it in a wooden boat...all in me youth. How's your pain? Better stand up and take it...we ain't got not that many opps here's the functional drugs...assuming your guts and/or liver aren't rotted out by cheap wine and everclear. An arthritic dose of ibuprophen the morning you fish will keep a clear I'm not sayin you take 1000-1500 mg ibupro every day just the day out. That suggestion comes from my old client emeritus prof reumatology bigtime national /international ...hell my colts orthos said take two shots of 151 Bacardi or overproof Jamacian just after breakfact but neither have ever stood on the casting deck

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