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Posted by LeeH on 2013-02-19 16:21:05 in reply to Bahia Tortuga, Baja posted by Ray Hutcherson on 2013-02-19 13:35:47

Hey Ray,

You are bringing back some great memories!
I traveled to Bahia Tortuga, with 2 buddies, about 10 years ago. We car-topped an aluminum boat so we could fish the bay and just outside.
The road from Guerrero Negro to the bay is about 100 miles...all dirt road. Actually the road was not too bad, but it was still long way, considering the run through the Baja.
We camped on the south end of the bay, and there is a lobster camp at the end of the road, with plenty of camping area just before. We were there in January, I think, and the short lobster season was on. Every day, the fishermen would bring us a bag of "shorts" that they could use for their own use, but not sell. After several days we were tired of lobster (hard to believe); and they brought us shrimp that they traded for the lobster.
There is beach, just south of the bay, that you can drive to, and we literally picked up huge pismo clams off the beach, after high tide. No joke. They had some big surf that week and the clams were littered along the beach. It took us a day or two and we were finally tired of eating clams, with shrimp, with lobster.
Unfortunately, El Nino was in effect, when we were there, and the fly fishing outside, and inside the bay, was terrible.
The highlight was walking the beach, on the south end of the island and looking at the whale bones, and shells scattered around. (Note: Scammon's Lagoon is located near Guerrero Negro) I have a picture, somewhere of me sitting on a gray whale scull that must have been 10 ft. long. We all brought back a gray whale vertebrae, as a momento, and it is still graces my front yard! (Very cool, although I'm told it was illegal to bring it back.)
What an awesome trip, even though the fly fishing was off.

I'm not sure I would run the Baja today. There are some scary people prowling around down there.

Drop me a note, Ray, if you would like to know more.


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