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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2013-02-19 12:44:34 in reply to Amazon trip posted by Doug Jeffries on 2013-02-18 15:14:49

Hey Doug,

Thanks for the fabulous report and all the very cool, obligatory "bird" shots - I like the last hero shot best though - glad you caught a few fish on a fishing trip ;-)

Kidding aside, glad you had a wonderful trip and enjoyed it the way you wanted to enjoy it.

Now drop me a note so we can put a couple of fishing dates on the calendar for this coming fall delta season. I'll be sure to take some Hero shots of you and post them myself. You can shoot all the bird life you want if within range of where we are fishing...

Those are really nice bird shots; and I alway enjoy seeing good bird and wildlife images taken on a fishing trip; there are a lot of components to a great trip.


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