Re: Dying grizzly bugger packs, Can it be done?

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Posted by Ralph on 2013-02-19 10:03:48 in reply to Dying grizzly bugger packs, Can it be done? posted by J.D on 2013-02-18 15:25:44

The only thing I might add to Guy's post is to wash the capes in something like Woolite first to remove any oils. Dye the feathers while they are still wet from washing, the dye will penetrate more evenly. You can buy special wetting agents to assist with even color penetration but freshly washed/rinsed feathers don't need that.
Don't boil the feathers or the stems will shrink and harden. Boil the dye, turn off the heat and add feathers after the water has cooled a few degrees. Once you are near the right color, add vinegar to make it set. I don't use vinegar when dying black, because the acid seems to only set some of the ingredients and capes come out purplish.
Veniard dyes (Feather Craft) don't require as much heat and have very intense colors. A bit more expensive off the shelf, but cost effective in the long run. I too, like blow drying because the feathers get fluffed around and don't take a set.

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