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Posted by Dale M. on 2013-02-19 08:27:48

Up to now, when it comes to fly fishing - usually on a trout stream, my girlfriend has been rolling casting and flipping indicator rigs with my TFO Professional 6 weight and about 10 feet of line. (You be amazed at how many fish you can reach with 10' feet of line.)

Lately, though, she has been super interested in getting a little more distance. I don't think she has any ideas about double hauling 60 feet for bonefish, but she'd like to be able to cast 20 or 30 feet of line. What would be a good rod for this? I was thinking that a moderate action rod like a Redington Classic Trout might make things easier? Or would something like the medium fast TFO Pro shorten the learning curve? (The Classic Trout flexes quite deeply into the butt; I was thinking that would help a newbie feel the rod loading and unloading.)

Any insights are much appreciated... Thanks!

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