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Posted by Guy on 2013-02-19 03:34:26

Living in Rural Alberta, it has always been difficult to source quality gear that is more commonly used for saltwater fishing. The nearest dedicated flyshop is almost 200 miles away and the ocean is a lot farther away than that.

Cross border internet shopping has its hidden and not so hidden pit falls, but my recent experience with Haber Vision has been extremely positive.

I purchased the Belize RX bi-focal glasses with the readers in the top and couldn't be more pleased with the service and the quailty of the glasses.

While cleaning snow off my yard and 6 miles of local roads in a snow storm is hardly fishing, it is a very good test of any set of polarized glasses as depth perception in such conditions is pratically non-existent without good polarized glases. Further to that, it is just about impossible to operate large equipment with normal bi-focals or progressives,,, to see the ground you literally have to put your chin on your chest. The Habers on the other hand wuith the upper readers were extremely comfortable to wear for several hours and the top readers were not anywhere in my way of vision.(I even saw several deer which I take as a sign of their hunting / fishing prowess!!!)

My wife also bought set of Haber progressives polarized and she is extremely pleased with the price (half of what she was quoted locally) along with the comfort and quality.

Shipping to Canada was very reasonable with no excessive hidden charges (not always the case in cross border shopping) and reasonlbly quick given the fact a internatioanl border is in the middle.

Communication through the buying process was excellent and Jani (I hope I spelt it right) was exceptionally pleasant to deal with.

All in all, a very positive buying experience, and I am exited about how many bonefish I will be able to see with my new glasses and the flies I can now change without having to fumble for my readers!!!


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