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Posted by JC Smith on 2013-02-18 17:57:53

Hello all,

Time to restock for a trip as well as the coming season here at home. My old friend, spools of Maxima leader material, seem to be dropping out of the market. Several sites I visited dont carry much of it anymore. For most of my needs, I tie leaders for 8 to 12 weight rods. As far as quantity goes, I definately do not need to buy 200 to 500 yards at a time. I liked buying the vest size wheels of Maxima, and replacing a spool or two when needed. I think consistency is important. If I cant buy that anymore, maybe its time to jump to another product.

There is a time and place for flourocarbon, but for most applications, I dont think it is worth the cost, its faster sink rate, or longevity in the environment. Regular old mono for me.

Any recommendations?

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