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Posted by Walt K on 2013-02-18 06:57:43

My wife and I are approaching our 40th anniversary. We are searching for that special trip where we can explore a new land that combines nature, beaches, leisure (maybe a little pampering though we are not into big fancy hotels) and fishing. We have made trips to the Caribbean but we are looking for something different. We are thinking hard about Australia.

Normally I take my fishing trips and she takes her trips to other countries but this one we want to do together. We like to rent a vehicle and head out on our own exploring but have a nice place at the end of the day to come to and relax. I know Australia is a big place so I would want to zero in on an area that would not require driving all day to get from one spot to another.

I have seen a number of posts on here about fishing Australia. I am looking for shallow saltwater sight fishing where I can possibly do a little fishing on my own even if its just walking a beach. I would get a guide for a few days but I like early morning walks along beaches looking for fish.

Any suggestions here or emails would be greatly appreciated. We are just now beginning to research and the trip would be in June of 2014 so we would be looking for an area that would provide decent fishing during that time of the year.

We are also looking at Argentina, Mozambique and Seychelles.


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