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Posted by Clark Harrison on 2013-02-17 22:11:26

Four of us just returned last week from Christmas Island and we had a fabulous trip. I last went in 1998 and it's fishing much better now than it was then.
In the next week or two I'll write a few brief posts on different aspects of the trip rather than one long post. My attention span is not that long.
First, a thanks to two of the board sponsors. Bill Hutchinson at Fishing International was very helpful and responsive getting us booked and getting back to us on email questions.

We all bought Global Rescue and it was reasonable. The jet service to Christmas Island is once a week so I wanted to know I could get out if I had a medical emergency or injury.

We flew Alaska from Reno to San Jose to Honolulu and rates were very good. The Air Pacific ticket to CI and back will set you back about a grand. We got in to Honolulu around 1PM and stayed at the Holiday Inn Beachcomber in Waikiki which was very nice. We cabbed it to Nico's Pier 38 at the small boat harbor for fresh fish dinner. Our waitresss at Waikiki told us there wasn't really a locals place for fresh fish in Waikiki. The hotel was fine and dinner at Nico's was great. The airport shuttle was $16 each way.

I had a nice walk on the beach the morning we flew to CI and I enjoyed Waikiki. The flight to CI leaves Honolulu at noon and they want you there 3 hours early so we left the hotel around 845A. It's easier to grab some booze in Duty Free if you want it vs packing it in your bag. The lodge had tonic so I was in business.

If I were getting into Honolulu on a late flight I think the Airport Hotel would be fine-free shuttle and less expensive than staying in Waikiki. Since we got in mid afternoon it was worth a few extra bucks to stay in Waikiki. Sipping a beer on the beach for a few hours was like heaven after leaving 20-30 degree weather in Reno.
I'll post more about the fishing and The Villages Lodge later this week.

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