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Posted by Steve Hyams on 2013-02-17 14:31:34

I dropped a Pate reel recently and bent the flare of one end of the tapered reel foot enough that it wouldn't seat properly. I took the foot off -2 screws through the aluminum into the housing- in order to bend the aluminum foot back into a shape that would allow appropriate seating. I encountered a significant amount of fine white powder in the threads of the steel screws and the housing also a small amount under the foot on the housing. I am wondering if this is remnant of some Loc-Tite type product or micro fine sediment that worked it's way in over 20 years of duty in fresh and saltwater duty. The threads appear clear and clean on the screws and the housing. My question is what would be a suitable replacement for the loc-Tite material?
Or was there even any applied in the first place? The simple interface that never has loosened on any of my Juracsik reels over the years makes me want to get this little detail right and keep the reel in continued great service.

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