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Posted by Jonny King on 2013-02-17 10:34:35 in reply to Re: Chubby Baitfish posted by Phil Brna on 2013-02-16 18:56:11

Ted and Phil -- No, they are actually very different materials. Ice Dub is basically just shredded flash material -- like crumpled Angel Hair. Laser Dub is a very fine synthetic dubbing/acrylic material (texture like rabbit fur, for example) blended with a small amount of Ice Dub. It was originally created by Greg Senyo, a great steelhead guide in the midwest, with short fibers and in bright steelhead colors, but at the request of some of us saltwater tyers, was cut longer and dyed in more natural colors. It's almost like fleece in texture, but even finer. It can be clump tied, hi-tied, dubbed, cut, or just combed into shape and coated with glue. Phil, it should be great for your Alaska salmon/steelhead stuff.

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