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Posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2013-02-17 09:39:08 in reply to Re: TFO Introduces the New Mangrove Fly Rod Series posted by MICHAEL ROSA on 2013-02-15 15:06:53

Had the opportunity to see the rod (prototype) at an North Carolina Coastal Conservation Life Sponsor Event with Flip as the main speaker and then got to play with the whole line this Saturday at the Cape Lookout Fly Fishers Casting Clinic.

The folks at TFO actually shipped a load of rods (6/7/8/9/10/12) to Harkers Island for me to get to their area rep, Kent Edmonds, who was attending the clinic and doing a little field research on the early shad run.

My focus was on the 6/7wts as compared to the BVKs in the same size as Flip and I had discussed the rods at the CCA event and how they could work for sight casting to reds around Harkers.

Like a lot of folks, I love the BVKs and have since they came out (own em from the 8' 3wt to the 9wt), but while all those rods work fine for everything from shad to tarpon, I usually overline the 6 & 7 that I use for shallow reds.

That said, I cast both the 6/7 Mangrove & BVK 6/7 side by side and can say that for me (and it was a very windy day prior to a weather change with snow just inland of us) that the Mangrove was more suited to the line weight that the rod was marked for and allowed extremely accurate casts (we used the some strategically placed buildings to allow us some relief from the winds. I got more distance and punch into the wind with the BVKs, but I assume that was more related to my casting stroke and not being used to the softer tip of the Mangrove. Used both SA Textured Saltwater lines and SA's Redfish Taper (loved it on the Mangrove.

That said, and this is in no way a definitive or expert report, I have both a 6 & 7wt on the way to test further up on the flats and in the grass tossing flies at redfish the rest of this winter and on throughout 2013.

Feel certain that the Mangrove will get some time throwing deer hair at large mouth bass as well as drum matched up with a BVKII reel. The rod is definitely heavier, but we had no scales to check and I'll wait for Jim Shulin or Brandon Powers to weigh em all, but I'll visit the Post Office and see what mine weigh when the get here.

Like I said, nothing definitive or backed up with science, but if I slow my stroke down a tid, I think the Mangrove will find a place on the Hewes as it slides up on clear shallow waters looking for some of these (see pics) real soon!

Good Fishing!!!

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