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Posted by Kent G. on 2013-02-16 21:42:50 in reply to Fishing in Mexico posted by Mike on 2013-02-13 18:58:24

I have been to Cancun and fished in MX about a dozen times. I always take 5 to 8 rods packed in my orvis rod carry on bag - just in the rod socks. I have been "pulled over" once by the rod natzi, and she said I could not bring in 8 fly rods. I explained that I was with a group of 8 anglers and we needed the extra rods because they break easy. After about 10 minutes of discussion, she called over a supervisor and in about 10 seconds they let me go without any tax or fee. I now only take 5 or 6 rods and just would just plead stupid if questioned, but they did not even look twice the last two years. Good luck.

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