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Posted by joel n rosenthal on 2013-02-16 13:45:53

As fisherpeople, we all ,to a greater or lesser degree, are no doubt drawn to angling by our appreciation of nature in its raw state. We appreciate the natural world, and from time to time, our experience as anglers gives us cause to reflect on our own relative individual and collective insignificance in the universe, in our solar system, indeed, on our planet, while at the same time being aware of our capacity as humans to despoil and destroy our earth.Yesterday's meteorite strike in Russia, which I only experienced vicariously, was one such reminder. Viewing the videos in the attached link -containing real time images of the concussion wave striking and the deafening sound of the sonic booms, as well as the blinding explosive flash, and the ensuing panic-summoned thoughts of dinosaur extinction theories, nuclear holocausts and tsunamis--among other terrifying images that whirled through my head.Makes wondering about a rod's action, a knot's strength ,TSA regulations, or most of the other stuff we discuss here, seem pretty petty. Have a look at the whole bunch of these videos with your sound on, including those shot inside offices when the concussion wave hit:

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