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Posted by Marcus S on 2013-02-15 10:43:38 in reply to Blue gill posted by Frank s. on 2013-02-15 08:05:20

I would fish the backs of deeper marinas, very tight to pilings and under the docks/boats. 10-12' of water or deeper. If you know of some water 20-30' deep even better... fish right off the bottom. Bobber isn't quite right unless you use a slip float... as you really need to put it right in front of them without moving it to get em to pop it.

If the water is 10' deep get 10' of line out of the rod tip and hold the tip of the rod as still as possible 1' over the surface. Wait 20-30 seconds or so, if you accidentally move the rod tip start really needs to sit there as motionless as possible. If no action in 30 seconds lift the rod tip a few feet and try mid column. If no action in 30 seconds move... you want to be right next to the piling or under the dock. I like to tie up inside a vacant boat slip so I can really be still with the kids.

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